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The type of floor tiles can make or mar the entire beauty of your living space. If you know how to choose the right one for tiles for your floor, not only you, every other person that comes steps in will also love the charming look and the comfortable feel.

To choose the finest floor tiles for your space, you will have to first learn about the different types available and how best you can use them to get the perfect picture you desire. Suppose this is your first time undertaking a flooring project. In that case, you might find it somewhat complicated to choose the most suitable floor tiles out of the numerous options available. You will understand it better if you have once gone for floor tiles hunting.

Getting familiar with the tiles market will first know the most commonly used ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. Later, you will discover other types like cement, glass, metal, stone, and more.

You will even find it more confusing to hear that not every type of floor tile can work perfectly for your flooring project. I don’t mean to complicate things here; that’s just the simple truth. The above-stated fact already made it clear that you need to understand all the available types of floor tiles to choose the right one for your space. 

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So, what are the different types of floor tiles available? Here is the list.

1. Ceramic Floor Tiles 

It is almost certain that you have seen enough ceramic floor tiles over the years. Why? It is the most commonly used floor tile around. Most homeowners prefer to use these floor tiles because they are suitable for a wide range of modern or traditional designs. 

Ceramic floor tiles are very versatile. If you are looking to create a custom design exactly how your mind pictured it, this type of floor tile is a perfect choice. Ceramic floor tiles are also durable; feel free to install those tiles on your reception floor or outdoor space with heavy foot traffic.

2. Porcelain Floor tiles     

Here are other prevalent floor tiles aside from ceramic tiles. Seeing the porcelain floor on the floor will remind you of the beauty of natural stone. Porcelain floor tiles project an elegant finish in a space. These tiles are available in various colors, styles, and designs, making you more creative with your décor. Porcelain floor tiles are suitable for outdoor spaces more than other types available. They are highly resistant to cracks and stains.

3. Glass Floor Tiles 

How do you feel seeing glass tiles on your floor? It provides a great appearance that catches the eyes. One sellable advantage of glass floor tiles is that they are highly resistant to stains. That means you have nothing to worry about when staining substances like red wine, lemon vinegar, and the like drops on your floor. It takes only a simple wipe with clean water and a tiny amount of soap to remove all the dirt in an instant. One of the low points of glass floor tiles is that they easily chip along the edges.

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4. Cement Floor Tiles 

Though this type of floor tiles has been around since the 19th century, they are still trending in the modern world of interior and exterior design. Cement floor tiles are available in incredible patterns and designs. They are super versatile for creating a wide range of stylish designs. one drawback about these floor tiles is that they are tedious to lay. They are most suitable for low-traffic areas.

5. Marble Floor Tiles    

Of course, marble floor tiles are most commonly used in luxurious homes. That is because they are a bit more expensive than the other floor types you have out there. Marble floor tiles add glamour and a touch of elegance to your living space. Whether you lay them on the interior or exterior area of your home, it’s perfect anyway. If you want to upgrade your floor to look more luxurious, marble floor tiles will give you the ideal result. One of the low marble points is that they require more cleaning efforts to remain beautiful.

6. Mosaic Floor Tiles 

Mosaic floor tiles come in various shapes, colors, styles, sizes, and materials. You can have your desired flooring design working with mosaic tiles. Though mosaic tiles are mainly used for walls, they are also perfect for attractive and durable flooring.

7. Granite Floor Tiles 

These natural stones look more precisely like marble because they have natural flecks. Of course, there are slight differences between the two types of tiles. Granite is among the most attractive-looking floor tiles options you can play with when designing your exterior space. They are also very strong pretty much affordable.

8. Limestone Floor Tiles 

Although limestone floor tiles are not very common, they are perfect for your flooring projects. Limestone floor tiles allow you to have a rustic style complemented with natural stones, variations, and shades. If you want a natural appearance in your space, lay limestone tiles on your floor. You can read about the Pros and Cons of Porcelain Floor Tiles by visiting

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9. Travertine Floor Tiles 

Travertine floor tiles are incredibly best for outdoor use. They offer a unique natural aesthetic that projects beautiful natural tones. Travertine is a natural stone so it can be less attractive in the face of stains and traction. To keep your travertine floor tiles active for as long as possible, you must put in more maintenance efforts. 

10. Quarry Floor Tiles  

Quarry tiles are made with high-quality ground materials. Hence, you might consider them as perfect floor tiles. They are solid and durable. That means you can enjoy the beauty of your floor for a lifetime.

11. Metal Floor Tiles 

You will love this fantastic floor tile on your kitchen floor. From experience, nothing gives a better comfy look on a countertop than metal tiles. one major drawback of metal tiles is that they can start to scratch them immediately you install on them your floor. Yet, they look gorgeous with their smooth finish.

12. Resing Floor Tilles 

If you find a single style too dull for you, resin floor tiles are your best choice. They will allow you to combine different types as much as you want it. Resin floor tiles are also perfect for DIYers who cannot afford to pay professional tile installers for your flooring project.

Final Words 

Choosing the right floor tiles for your flooring project is essential to achieving your desired result. Hence, you would have to be careful to choose based on your budget, purpose, weather conditions, and the expected traffic.