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Porcelain floor tiles are known for their incredible strength, hardness, durability, and water resistance benefits. They are among the best flooring options available in this modern home design world. When you step into a space where porcelain files are on the floor, you will admire the welcoming, elegant look and the soothing feel breezing in the atmosphere.

Porcelain floor tiles come with numerous options and advantages, making many homeowners fall in love with them. Little wonder, they are among the most commonly used floor tiles in luxury homes and commercial spaces.

Have you heard about the eco-friendliness, durability, and incredible water resistance of ceramic floor tiles? You already know what porcelain floor tiles have to offer. Porcelain floor tiles achieve durability by having fine clays with particles heated at a very high temperature, which as a result, creates a less porous, more rigid surface that can withstand the high pressure of heavy foot traffic. This feature makes a more reliable flooring option even than ceramic floor tiles. 

In reality, porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are very similar in benefits and drawbacks. But, there are slight differences between them. For instance, making porcelain floor tiles makes the flooring materials more practical and versatile. It can be hard to say which is better between the porcelain and ceramic floor tiles, but a few of its pros and cons can make it more transparent.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Meanwhile, this article is not written to determine which floor tile is better between porcelain and ceramic. Instead, this guide will only expose you to the pros and cons of porcelain floor tiles to help you maximize the use of the tiles.

Pros Of Porcelain Floor Tiles 

1. Durability 

Porcelain floor tiles come with numerous amounts of benefits. Still, their mouthwatering durability has always been the most enticing benefit that puts the floor tiles on top of other flooring options available. Porcelain floor tiles are made with hard solid materials, sturdy and robust. Porcelain floor tiles can last for many centuries, remaining strong and vibrant without exaggerating.

If you doubt the durability of porcelain floor tiles, you can ask any professional tile installer around you. Have you ever noticed that porcelain floor tiles are more common in commercial spaces? Yes. And that is because the floor tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic without scratching, cracking, or breaking.

You have nothing to worry about when you have porcelain tiles on your floor. Even if a tough substance falls on the ground, it doesn’t pose any damage to the beauty of your floor. Having porcelain floor tiles in your space also mean you don’t have to spend additional money on constant repairs and replacement. Once you install your floor tiles, your only responsivity is to keep mopping and cleaning to keep your shining for years.

2. Multiple Design Options 

One of the most loved benefits of porcelain floor tiles is that they can give you a perfect resemblance to any traditional flooring materials, including granite, marble, wood, steel, cork, and even bamboo. If you hire an expert installer, it will be hard for people to tell it apart from the actual material.

Porcelain floor tiles allow you to get creative with your floor. It generously gives you a wide range of incredible designs, styles, colors, textures, and patterns to achieve your custom design without limitations. 

When you are working on porcelain floor tiles, you can be sure of getting the precise color, size, style, and texture to create the perfect image you have in your mind. Some high-profile tile installers confirmed that using porcelain floor tiles has helped them deliver their clients’ ultimate satisfaction. With porcelain floor tiles, you can never be short of design inspiration.

3. Affordable 

Gone are the days when porcelain floor tiles are more expensive than ceramics tiles. As porcelain floor tiles gradually penetrate the market, it has become a favorite flooring option, making their price more comparable to ceramic tiles. Undoubtedly, ceramic floor tiles are among the most affordable in the present market. As a matter of fact, its incredible affordability is one of the most enticing reasons many homeowners prefer to patronize it. 

You can get porcelain floor tiles for as low as $5 – $25 per square foot. Although, the price may vary from one tile depot to another. But, it would still fall in the range mentioned above. You can only spend money on porcelain floor tiles when hiring a professional tiler for installation. However, considering how long the floor tiles will last, you agree that the initial investment is worth it. 

Porcelain Floor Tiles

4. Maintenance and Repair

As you might have also discovered, porcelain floor tiles are among the most potent flooring options available. They are complex, solid, dense, and stain-resistant, making them easier to maintain. It costs nothing to keep porcelain floor tiles active for as long as a lifetime. More so, porcelain floor tiles are resistant to heavy tress involved in a commercial environment. You don’t have to fret about constant repair or replacement, even when used in a heavy-traffic space.

If damage occurs to one porcelain tile, you can easily remove the affected tile and replace it with a healthy one. That’s why it is advisable to reserve some tiles during installation to keep them color-matched. Click here to read more about porcelain floor tiles maintenance tips.

Cons Of Porcelain Floor Tiles 

1. Difficult Installation

Porcelain floor tiles can be somewhat tedious to install. That’s why it is mostly advisable that you hire a professional installer to get it done for you. Of course, you can take some DIY clues from the internet and get o work. Bu it will take you more time and energy to accomplish the installation. It may eventually sadden your heart after the whole installations process when you see the low standard outcome.

2. Hard Surface

Porcelain floor tiles come with a hard surface. Though, that be a benefitting feature in terms of durability. It can also be a disadvantage as people might find it uncomfortable to stand on the surface for an extended period. More so, porcelain floor tiles are not suitable for children’s bedrooms. It can be injurious to any child hat falls accidentally.

Final Words 

Porcelain floor tiles are among the best flooring options available. They are tough, affordable, and easy to maintain. Porcelain floor tiles also allow the opportunity to create a custom design that can only be seen in your space. They also come with a few cons, which can check for you.